Net Zero Superhero

After watching one of the many superhero movies Hollywood churns out, have you ever wished you had a superpower? The Avengers, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and next summer Wonder Woman, all inspire us, if only for a moment, to heroism in service of a higher calling. Then we realize we can’t fly, shoot a sticky spiderweb or vanquish an army by slamming down our oversized hammer, and we go back to our comfortable daily lives.

But consider that in a way we all have superhuman powers. A superpower can just mean being exceptionally skillful at one thing. My question to you is what is your superpower and how will you use it to save the planet? Given the rapid unraveling of nature’s resilience in the face of climate change, the Earth needs your superpower now more than ever.

We need your talent, your passion, your charisma, your financial analysis skills and your technical skills to help businesses become more efficient. Not just a little more efficient, a lot more efficient. Net zero efficient.

Here is how net zero will make the business community more sustainable and protect our planet.  

·        Net Zero Energy – After reducing lighting, HVAC and plug load energy demand, size on-site solar so the building generates as much electricity as it uses

·        Net Zero Waste – After mapping the quantity and flow of materials through the operation, find ways to reduce, reuse, recycle or compost 90% or more of waste

·        Net Zero Water – Reduce total water consumption, use non-potable sources as much as possible, and recycle and reuse water in order to return the equivalent amount of water as was withdrawn from all sources, including municipal supply, without compromising groundwater and surface water quantity or quality.

Fortunately, the value proposition of net zero saves companies money, enhances employee productivity and increases market share.

What’s stopping you? Rather than waiting for someone else to come save the planet, let’s do it ourselves.