Green New Deal details in the new book The Great Pivot

The Green New Deal Resolution unveiled by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in February 2019 provided the broad brush strokes for a plan to address climate change and reinvigorate the economy. Now we need to hash out the details. The new book The Great Pivot describes 30 sustainability projects in five areas – advanced energy communities, low-carbon mobility, the circular economy, food waste reduction, and nature restoration – that will create millions of meaningful jobs.

Building a sustainable future will not only restore climate stability and reverse mass species extinction, it will also address the crisis in the world of work. Current trends of outsourcing, automation, the gig economy, and low levels of employee engagement have left working Americans anxious about their jobs. Meanwhile, 37 million people of prime working age, 25-64, are not in the labor force, and the 626,000 people released from prison each year have a hard time finding work that will allow them to reintegrate into society.

The Great Pivot provides funding and program pivots for policymakers who want to help create green, meaningful jobs, as well as resources for those who want to switch over to sustainability work. Each sector — private, non-profit, and public sector — has an important role to play in realizing this vision.

With The Great Pivot we have a blueprint for building a sustainable future. Now we just need to find the courage to commit to it.

Editorial Reviews

“The financial sector is really the key to realizing the value of a sustainable future. Justine Burt’s book provides proofs of concept about how entrepreneurs, non-profits and government agencies secured funding to create green jobs. This book will help scale up the use of these financial tools to disrupt business as usual and create the future we need.” Jigar Shah, President and Co-Founder, Generate Capital

“At this time of unprecedented change and opportunity, the world needs a roadmap for how to decarbonize and dematerialize our economy as fast as possible. We have a few short years to avert the worst effects of climate change - and this compelling book has specific, tangible projects for people who want to plug in and get to work.” Vanessa Warheit – community organizer 

Justine Burt is the Founder + CEO of Appraccel, an environmental sustainability consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients in the private, public and non-profit sector to successfully implement projects in energy efficiency, alternative transportation, and waste reduction.

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