Attracting the Next Generation of Workers

Business forums throughout California are discussing how businesses can attract Millennials. Now that Baby Boomers are starting to retire, companies need to be able to hire younger workers. The challenge for business managers is that Millennials want to work for green companies.

A 2010 study by Johnson Controls found that 96% of Millennials, those born between 1981 and 2000, are highly concerned about the environment and expect that employers will take steps towards becoming more sustainable. The study also found that:

·        57% said they want their employers to perform well above minimum compliance

·        70.3% want access to recycling bins

·        47.4% want water-saving devices

·        71.6% want to share office printers

·        47% want solar panels on site

Clearly there is some work to be done at many businesses. Implementing energy efficiency and water conservation projects, installing solar panels and electric vehicle chargers, and expanding recycling programs will not only reduce operating costs but help with employee recruitment and retention.