Green New Deal will create millions of new green jobs

The Great Pivot: Creating Meaningful Work to Build a Sustainable Future

By Justine Burt

American society currently faces a crisis in the world of work between outsourcing, automation, the gig economy, and low levels of employee engagement. At the same time, our transportation systems and means for producing energy, materials, and food are degrading life support systems on Earth. The solution, however, is simple: we must abandon “business as usual” and draw up a blueprint for creating meaningful jobs that will also dramatically reduce waste and restore the natural world.

The Great Pivot is that blueprint. It details 30 projects for developing advanced energy communities, low-carbon mobility systems, a circular economy, a rejuvenated food production system, and restoring nature. In February Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released the Green New Deal Resolution with broad brush strokes. Now we as a society get to have a discussion about what we want the details to be.

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